Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring's Thaw ~ Telephoto Tuesday!

"Spring Thaw's Grace"

So our family went down to visit the Bay Front area in Hamilton, and visited the three Mute Swan families residing down there right now. We were going to feed them but first we learned they eat mostly algae, bugs, and of all things shrimp (in certain climates anyways, obviously not Canada). Okay then.

Then we learned they'll eat vegetable scraps and really love spinach. But at 10:00am we didn't have any of that either. Then we realised feeding them wouldn't be good in the long run anyways, they become too dependant on humans and won't survive on their own. So we simply went and enjoyed all the honking, and flapping, and paddling while they began enjoying the water in the marina that was slowly melting from the giant slick of solid ice covering most of the bay. They were like little kids! Not the kids... the swans...

I approached this fella above who was very intent on eating whatever he was catching way down into the water, so every time he ducked under, I scooched over closer down the boat launch next to him. My telephoto is a Nikkor, and is pretty silent zooming in, so not once did he seem concerned with my presence overall. If you click to enlarge the image you'll see the water still running off his beak from his underwater foraging. And gosh he was beautiful.

Take the time to get out with the family for March Break, and enjoy your surroundings. Thanks for the short ramble, and have a good one!


  1. Gorgeous.
    So glad the birds are returning. Just the sound of them in the morning makes me excited that Spring is coming 'round again.

  2. Thank you Heather :-) Yes, SPRING, SPRING!!!