Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Days End ~ Wide Angle Wednesday!

"Heaven Light"
(1/320 sec.@ F/8, 18mm fl, ISO 160, 18-55mm kit zoom, sunset light)

This time of the year is a tricky time for me to get away to do any kind of sunset shot. For March and April, sunset is right around dinner time for my family, which is still a very important time of the day for the four of us. But since it's March Break, our supper times are all over the place, and the kids are home all day... so I took the opportunity to fit in a sunset photo walk with a new photog friend from Hamilton. It was damp and fairly windy, but we had a great time chatting and trading techniques and camera info... and came away with images like this within a one and a half hour period down at Hamilton's Bay Front Park.

My wide angle kit lens was obviously used here. I knelt down in the cold and soggy grass to angle the camera to include much of the cloud cover being illuminated in the suns last light.
Light like this I'm hesitant to manipulate too much in editing. The air was heavy and damp which gives everything it's own softer glow... so I've refrained from sharpening which eliminates the soft look. I've gone easy on the contrast too... I already liked the amount of shadow and light. And really, sometimes I think we need to do our utmost to just capture creation in all it's subtle lighting and colors, and show restraint and moderation in regards to what we add in pumped up crazy colors, HDR gone wild, and tricks to make it look so much larger than life. If I was in awe as I stood there, and I pay attention to my camera settings, then that's often times enough.

I stood there in this lovely light, thanked my Creator for His own daily attention to detail that gives us these amazing sunsets whether we deserve them or not, and snapped the shutter over and over so I could enjoy the effect long after the light was gone.
I'd love to post anyone elses sunset photos if you have one you're especially thrilled about... just leave me a message and we'll arrange something!

Thanks for letting me ramble on folks! Have a marvelous Wednesday...


  1. I love this shot Christine. It makes you feel like the end of the day and the day has been great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A beautiful shot, Christine. I have always loved pictures of the sky :)

  3. Thank you Lori :-) I DO hope my readers have had a great day!!!

    Tracy, I haven't been out at this time of the day enough... but warmer weather means longer days... means more chances to enjoy those skies, yay!!!