Monday, March 21, 2011

Any Opportunity ~ Mono Monday!

"BayFront Thaws"
(1/80sec. @ F/8, 23mm fl, ISO 160, 18-55mm kit lens, late evening light)

Ever feel driven? Have all consuming thoughts? Can't shake the urge?
Just can't help yourself?

That's me and photography. Next to serving God, and caring for my family, photography pretty much finds a way into everything I do or say. Just ask some of my closest friends. I eat, sleep, and breath it. I'm always looking for any opportunity to shoot. My eyes always scouting for fresh possible subjects every where I go. Watching the weather. Biding my time. Rearranging my day in order to include it (and sometimes that of my family, heh heh). Those who know me well understand that it just comes naturally.

The images today came from an opportunity to shoot with another local photographer whom I mentioned in my post last week. And it was an opportunity to photograph the sunset. And it was an opportunity to use the nice light to stretch my B&W skills once more. Low laying light is the optimal lighting for emphasizing texture, contrast, and shadow.
Hamilton's BayFront Park proved to be a good place for all of that.

"Spring Approaches the Bay"
(1/125 sec.@ F/8, ISO 100, 18mm fl, 18-55 kit lens, late evening light)

It was a wondrous evening. The light took it's time, the sun gently setting down onto the horizon. All the while, we wandered the park, finding ways to use the light. Being inspired. Making mental notes on where to return to... next time. There's always a return visit. Always.
Can't help it.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Have a good one folks! 

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