Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trains From Above

Haven't blogged lately due to workload. Thought it was time to rectify that. Took these photos one lazy evening by the bay front here in Hamilton. Sometimes it's restful to show up with your camera somewhere with no definite expectations and your only goal to photograph whatever suits your fancy... no agenda, no limitations, no pressure to even show them later if you choose not to. Just an exercise in letting your circumstances propel you a bit as an artist. Please click on an image to view in it's best quality.

When WAS the last time I let something simple like the train yards make me feel like I was 10 years old? Excited to watch as the trains exchanged tracks, exchanged cars, and ambled towards the bridge I was watching from? It was so much fun that I even used the fun way to view them... with a tilt/shift effect... causing them to look slightly more miniature. Thinking of tracking down someone who can actually get me into the yard for a day, photograph how it really ticks... now that would be an exciting photo story to dig into!