Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DOF ~ Telephoto Tuesday!

"Softly She Emerges"

Perhaps my favorite image from the trips I made to the Spring Show is my post for the day. This was the only open magnolia blossom on the branches in the displays, and when I saw it I knew it needed singled out in whatever shot I took. Isolated is perhaps a better term.

Used my trusty modest telephoto zoom, dialed her wide open to an F/4.5 to soften everything but the blossom, spot metered against her white flesh, and got off a series of shots. In the background were banana trees, bird cages, and other visitors but you'd never know it with the depth of field I chose.

Almost as important as what you are featuring in your shots, is what you choose to exclude from your shots. And this is one way of getting that. I am always aware of the background, constantly recomposing around the subject in order to get the best image with the perfect backdrop. My new favorite compositional word is "cohesive". Everything needs to work together.

Thanks for the short ramble folks! Have a good one!


  1. Love the softness of this photo Christine. Really makes for a lovely view. You really know how to add just that.....to any picture. Thanks for putting this one up.

  2. Thank you Lori :-)
    Aperture is very important artistically in that regard. It's why I encourage anyone with a DSLR to get their cameras off automatic... cause the run of the mill depth of field the camera chooses for you just doesn't cut it.