Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!


A late post for today, but I finally had time to work on some photographs of our local mama Swan. She's laid one egg, and is watching over it and tending to it carefully everyday. In much the same way we should be tending to and watching over the only world we have. Appropriate for Earth Day, don't you think?
I did everything in my power to ensure she still felt safe with my presence nearby... so the trusty telephoto zoom came in handy. I hope you enjoy. I'll return often, no idea when the tiny cygnet will hatch!

"Nesting II"

"Details in Nature"

"Mama and the Egg"

Happy Rambling on this special day, gang! Get out there and enjoy nature today, and perhaps say a prayer of thanks for all we have.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Not Always About Location

"Springing of the Year" 
Royal Botanical Gardens, Arboretum, 2012

I'll never stop photographing the area around my home. Yes, partially because I don't have the type of coin right now to go to more exotic locations. And partially because I'm still technically a stay at home mom. But also because no matter how many times I think I've exhausted a local park, or city block for interesting or beautiful photo ops, I always find treasure after treasure on every return trip to a local location. Today's image was taken at a local garden/trail 20 minutes from my home, one I explore on a regular basis. This magnificent tree was only spotted on my 100th visit, or so it felt!

It's daunting to be a part of the photographic community. The web is flooded with images from Patagonia to Iceland. Exotic scenery. Sights you can't ever hope to see when you step out your front door, for most of us anyway. Well who's to say that the fine folks in Iceland ever get to see the scenes or subjects you're about to post! Perhaps you're exotic to them?

Keep photographing. Don't let the globe trotters get you down. You see things around you that no one else can. And you probably know those locales like the back of your hand, a huge advantage to be honest, with constant access to it. Those other countries and communities will be even more fun, and easier to photograph when you DO get there one day.

What's your favorite local scene to photograph? Would love to hear about it, and why it fascinates you! If you send me your favorite photo of it, I'll include it on the blog with your comments.
Thanks for the ramble gang! Have a good one!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Don't Miss It

"Double Six With the Guys"

I pull out my gear and the family groans collectively. They know they'll become instant subjects and let's face it, none of us wants to be the focus of the camera. We want to visit, laugh, eat, play, and eat some more without becoming the next big photo essay. But what can I do? Everyone eventually appreciates that we have a record of each celebration or holiday later on, they contain our memories better than we do sometimes, and sometimes contain people we don't ever want to let go of either.

There is a way to do this, get the pictures you want, even get ones you LOVE, all without ticking off your closest relatives and friends. But you have to play a part. Step into a roll, so to speak.

You have to go into wedding photographer mode. You know what I mean... the fly on the wall approach. This mode means you grab your camera, and simply bide your time, float about the edges of groups or rooms, till folks forget that you are taking pictures of them at all. I can even do this with a flash, off camera, set down somewhere close to the action, and trigger it remotely when needed, all without blinding people and causing a riot. Personally, I don't run well from angry mobs with a camera in one hand and an appetizer in the other...

Today's shot is my favorite from Easter dinner last weekend. The family was playing Dominoes, and so immersed in the game that I could sneak around and wait with camera at the ready. I got a few posed pics, then let my son, my brother, and my uncle forget about me. I like to keep a wide angle zoom on the camera which gives me instant flexibility concerning how close I am to a scene or how much room I have to move around, and still get everything in the frame. The flash was tucked off to the side on a small table, remotely triggered. And, to keep people from feeling like targets, I made sure to aim the camera at the action itself for the most part. I didn't want to miss it.

I wound up with a great story telling shot, in some great light, involving people I love deeply. Even without faces, you've got three generations sitting at a table (as confirmed by the differences in the hands), their posturing suggesting each move is being considered carefully, and the low angle and perspective placing you in the middle of the game. A frozen moment. One that embodies how great and relaxing the weekend was.

Got family events you need to capture? Dig into your inner wedding photographer/fly on the wall mindset and don't miss it. Don't miss the moments that count.

Traveling Back

"Ready To Go Out"

I have neglected the blog as of late, so I thought I'd post a new image today from a previous visit to Newfoundland. I don't yet get to travel often as a photographer, but I absolutely love it. So on days where I can't get rid of the ache to explore and have to stick close to home, I pull out my travel files and explore the memories via images I have yet to work on!

Today's image was taken somewhere on our way to Ocean View National Park and Leading Tickles. There was activity happening on the docks, so I only had a few seconds to get the sky skimming past these vessels lined up in the cove, ready to head out for the morning... I loved the boat in the middle ground with the flag waving proudly.

So now I've shared my itch to travel back... and to be sure I'll be arranging another trip, a longer trip, to magical Newfoundland. But for now, this will have to do while I get back to work! And hey, if you have one place you'd recommend to this rambling photographer, what would it be? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Have a great day gang!  Thanks for the Ramble!