Thursday, March 10, 2011

Exploration Thursday!

"In the Square"

Something fun for today. A bit of city life inside the glass front of an office building in London to be exact. Where I wandered around for a day on my own, riding the tubes (wee! love the underground) and trying not to get so lost that I'd miss my flight. The next morning. But that's another story.

I love reflections. As if you can't tell. This one is more fun than most because of the way the building is constructed. It is a massive compilation of angles and rectangles jutting out in intervals all the way up the building. And it sits in a corner. So this shot gives you views down two different street corners. The obvious being the scene that includes the bus and another tourist photographing something across from a cathedral. The other view being a glimpse of the newer office buildings across from it all, blue against the sky. A sort of contrast, and yet very complimentary. And the image serves as a great reminder of that wonderful day out.

I wandered the whole area. And I did find my way back to the hotel. And I did make my flight that morning. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Have I told you about the time before that, when I lost my passport?
Maybe next time.

Have a great day folks, and thanks for the ramble.

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