Monday, March 14, 2011

Anchors Away ~ Mono Monday

"The Haida Under Hamilton Skies"
(1/640 sec.@ F/3.5, ISO 200, 18mm fl, Nikon D40, 18-55mm kit lens, bright morning light)

It's March Break for the kids this week, so I won't be posting any long elaborate ramblings for the next few days as I hope to be out with my family more. Nor will I be editing very much, since that still requires me to hover around the computer. I was looking back through some older files looking for the odd image I may want to share, and came upon the photo above.

I took this a couple years ago now, with my Nikon D40. My first DSLR ever and I still have it. It's my emergency back-up in case something were to happen to my regular camera the D80. I loved that camera!

In the warmer months this is a great spot to take the family, down at the bay front. This is the HMCS Haida and it has resided majestically in Hamilton's waters since 2003. They give tours and demos in the summer, and little kids and most men stand, necks craned looking up at her decks with more than a little awe. She is the last remaining Tribal Class Destroyer of 27 built for the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Royal Navy and I chose this view of her since it makes it very clear how massive she is to stand beside.

And what is it about battleships and destroyers and ships in general that suddenly turns men into instant sailors? Stand near the Haida long enough and you can hear every man within a hundred yards spouting off stats and random sea faring facts to their families or unsuspecting tourists, making it sound as if they've sailed her themselves. When in fact the closest they've gotten is in their grandfather's dingy to go fishing. Seriously.
Well, I find it amusing anyways!

So enjoy your march break folks, see some local sights with your kids, try to impress them with your knowledge... and then when your 6 year old corrects you, take them for pizza and hope they forget about it.
Have a good one!

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