Thursday, March 17, 2011

Days End II ~ Exploration Thursday!

"Sunsational Exit"
(1/200 sec.@ F/8, ISO 160, 18mm fl, Late evening light, 18-55mm kit zoom)

No, nothing fantastical has been done to today's post. An yes, it's still Exploration Thursday! But instead of posting an image I played with in PSPx3 to see what effects I could explore, I thought I'd post about getting out there and exploring where you live.

Ever get in a rut creatively? It happens. You start thinking you can't do the same ol' thing anymore. Everything feels redundant. And seeing as you don't have the money to hop on a plane with your gear when the mood strikes and fly off to Patagonia to be inspired by the views and come back a creative genius... what's a photographer to do? Especially if you have other hats you wear everyday too, you're a wife, a dad, a corporate accountant (strike that, you'll have the money to go to Patagonia), a nurse, a postman, a farmer... you're limited to the time you have left to wander about with a camera.

Time to change your thinking and explore your immediate area. And at different times of the day is the perfect way to start. The image above is one of the most eye catching I've taken all year so far, and all because I did a little planning and went back to an area I thought I was done photographing for a while, but this time at the most magical time of day. Suddenly I was no longer just "at the park"...

Also, expand who you are creative with, or learn from. I have a wonderful friend/photographer from flickr who the hubby and I finally met for the first time in person the same night I went out to photograph the sun setting. He knows the area like the back of his hand, and knew when the light would hit what section of the bay, and for how long. He had me shooting from vantage points of the park that I had yet to consider, and it truly got me thinking of all the new possibilities I had yet to consider. I know I'll be meeting up with this gentleman again, there's much to learn from someone who has been doing photography for 40 yrs.

Stuck in that rut? Change the time of the day you explore and work. Change the way you approach it. Change who you exchange ideas with. Change the location. Find one small thing to change and your creative juices will thank you.
Thanks for letting me ramble, and have a great Thursday folks.


  1. Aw, thanks Sarah!!! Glad you like it! Have an awesome day chickie!

  2. Christine, you have such an eye. The photo above is so lovely, and it makes you feel like you are sitting right there enjoying the setting of the sun. Wonderful job!!!

  3. Thank you Lori :-)I must admit, if not for my friend Herb it may have been a while if I saw this view along the bayfront...