Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cityscape Anyone?

"Iconic Harbour"

Summer is truly upon us, and in the midst of my hectic schedule I know I promised a more engaging landscape on the next blog I posted ... but Cityscape anyone? (click on image to enlarge for viewing)

This was taken in Toronto, Ontario last summer. I needed a chance to play a bit one day after slaving away at the computer, so went back through some older images to see if there were any gems I had forgotten about, that I could add a little spice to. I came across this image. I loved the colors, with that hit of red from a harbour tug docking in the foreground. I love the iconic CN Tower in the background, and wait.... are those PEOPLE in this image???? Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Cl... uh, people in this composition. Cityscapes can be so enjoyable to shoot. There's no pressure to pose a model per se, you simply need patience as you wait for the public to stroll through the shot. You always have height and depth, elements of design can be found anywhere, and color and shape is abundant. And there's always the element of surprise as life in the city is constantly evolving and changing right in front of your lens!

Taken with my trusty D80, and my very basic 18-55mm wide zoom, I went into Corel's PSPx2 and used the clarify filter which brings out detail and adds a bit of definition. The retro cross-processing filter adds some zip in the existing color (and the nifty framing).

I still plan on following up with the landscape challenge I've given myself... but thought for now, this would make a decent substitute .

Let me know your thoughts on photoging in the city!

Thanks for letting me ramble on for just a bit. Have a good one!