Monday, March 28, 2011

Inner Sanctum ~ Mono Monday!

"Holy Presence Waiting"

Time to dip into the older files once again. Was inspired to convert an image I took over a year ago into an old fashioned B&W with one of my newer Nik Efex plug-ins. The trick I find with special filters and plug-ins is to know when it suits your photographs. I try to ensure that if I'm going to take a photograph in a certain direction or give it a certain tone, that the conversion or effect is is fairly cohesive with the subject matter and the style you shot it in.

This church is remarkably restored, and sits in the hub of the city. All the wood detailing glistens, the stained glass sings in the sunlight, and you feel like you've taken a step back in time. So when I started to think about doing this shot taken from it's balcony(with the terrifyingly squeaky floor boards that make you wonder if it'll hold together long enough to get a shot) I went through my arsenal of B&W filters and effects to find the one the represents this image the best. This is a retro platinum effect, and after I applied it, I thought "jeez, it looks like an old postcard from the 20's"

I also like it in B&W because the lines and space are really emphasized. Very suitable for an ornate space waiting to be filled with His presence by the Sunday seekers about to enter.
Photographed any remarkable architecture lately, from the inside?

Thanks for the ramble folks, and have a good one!

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