Monday, October 3, 2011

At War ~ Mono Monday!

"Flight and History"

Today is my 170th post. Where has time gone? Anyone? I can tell you where it's gone... it's been slipping away while my daily battle to be equal parts pro photographer, student, business owner, mentor, mom, and wife is being fought. On days where I'm feeling creative, but must fill orders, bookings or get projects in on time for Christmas, it feels like I'm at war... with myself!

I'd rather be anywhere but at my desk today. But one must work at making a living. So since I can't make time today to do the fun things I love about my job, I've returned to my archive of files and pulled a couple that I'm fond of and keep coming back to when I think B&W.

"The Heritage of Flight"

I'll say it again, if you haven't taken your camera to the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum, you need to schedule a visit in. Great light, amazing space, subjects oozing history... I think about how energizing the whole morning was for me as a photographer and I feel motivated to get through my business items that swamp me today. It helps me win my personal war and promises me that once the hard work is done, I'm free to enjoy my camera once more.

It's just one way I use my passion for photography to motivate other aspects of my daily chores. Hope you do too!
Thanks for the ramble... have a great day friends!


  1. Love these in black and white!
    Oliver keeps looking up to the sky and asking where the bombers are. I think we need to take another little visit to this place :)

  2. LOL... sounds like you're all due for a visit for sure then Heather! Tell your camera lovin' girlie that this photographer looks forward to seeing pics from that day from the both of you when you go... *wink wink* *nudge nudge*