Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heralding in Color ~ Telephoto Tuesday!

"Herald of Autumn"

They are my favorite fall creature. Monarch butterflies are stunning in color and form. And as they begin their yearly migration, they find our gardens and parks, and if you know where to be, you can witness a beautiful display of how much care the Creator put into these tiny works of art.

"Delicate Acrobat"

One can get wonderful images with even a decent point & shoot with a manageable zoom factor these days. These were taken with, what else, my go-to tele zoom mounted on my trusty D80, a 55-200mm VR. With a more sensitive ISO dialed in, the slight breeze was ignored, and keeping my aperture wide open meant selective focus on these dazzling critters.

"Clothed in Beauty"

Until I hit the roads tomorrow for some official fall color with my favorite photo buddy, I thought I'd post these captures of living fall color for you all today. They are the perfect subject to herald in the Autumn color beginning to burst forth all over the province. So get those cameras ready gang! It goes fast! Where's your favorite place to photograph in the fall?

Thanks for the ramble! Have a good one

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