Sunday, October 30, 2011

When Trees Are Enough ~ Mono Monday!

"Hidden Forest Paths"

I love the Bruce Trail. Ask me how much. Go on. Ask me. No, don't even ask me cause I'll tell you anyway. I love it more than pizza. I love it more than Harry Connick Jr. I love it more than reruns of Bob Newhart. "Geez," you think, "she must love it a lot!" How'd you guess?

Because Hamilton and beyond is anchored along the Niagara Escarpment, it means I and my Nikon have access to the many threads of the Bruce Trail on a whim. Yesterday was so warm and sunny for the end of October that the whim was, shall we say, overpowering. So out I went with the camera, and it wasn't long till I was surrounded by trees, trees, and... oh yeah, more trees.

"Escarpment's Edge"

I long ago decided that anyone who could photograph a dense tangle of trees and still make it look like it was deliberately composed and executed, was a photographer to be reckoned with. And I also decided long ago to isolate what one needed to see past the forest and photograph the beauty of the tree, no matter where I was. Over time I began to learn that besides good light, you need to be able to really see layers, shapes, groupings, and the way all those things relate to one another to form a composition. When you can do that, then you find the vantage point that emphasizes that composition, and adds interest to the space you're visualizing in the lens. What you wind up with is a photo that the viewer can imagine themselves stepping into, or at the least, a photo that still draws the eye through every area of the scene.

The Bruce Trail lets me hone this skill, stretch this skill, and learn new things about it all. Focusing on trees as a subject alone is enough to strengthen my craft. Don't know if I'll ever fully master it but that's okay. I like the "trying" to attain it! The process is so darned enjoyable when it's about something you love and are passionate about. And I'm passionate about nature AND photography.

I love them both. Go ahead. Ask me how much.

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