Friday, October 28, 2011

Fallen ~ Floral Friday!

"Fall Rushes In"

Well, they aren't exactly flowers, but they're close... and with my busy week I knew I needed to post an ol' favorite today in order just to get the blog up. I couldn't bear letting you all down yet again with a missing post.

This is a shot from last fall... mainly because the colors died on us early this year in the greater Hamilton area, just as I predicted. We just didn't have weather conducive to bold autumn color. I've noticed many a tree trying valiantly to turn color just within the last couple days, but many are simply dropping green leaves now since it's so late. Not good for picture taking that's for sure. But what can you do?

So I'm off this morning to the Gage Park Greenhouses to photograph the Annual Fall Mum Show. They installed a massive new greenhouse this summer, and have filled it to the brim with chrysanthemums they've nurtured themselves even in the midst of all the construction.

I highly recommend you come and support the show and visit their always lovely tropical greenhouse as well... the staff once again have outdone themselves and this is one feature we Hamiltonians need to be proud of!

Maybe I'll see you there?
Have a great weekend folks... next week, posts will be back to normal,
I promise.

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