Thursday, September 29, 2011

Really Marvel ~ Exploration Thursday!

"Autumn Hosta"

Just a quick post today, so let me ask you photographers a question.
Are you taking the time to marvel at what you put in front of your lens?

Or are you just a photographing machine, you're inspired of course, but it's not till you work on the images that you see the treasures you've found?

Obviously there are scenes and moments we just have to go with the flow and we appreciate the entire experience later when we're back in our work spaces and homes. And maybe I'm the only one who's learning to appreciate the process as it's happening, but when did you last marvel at that structure you love to photograph, or the details in those butterflies in your garden.... or the swirling vortex of design found in a single hosta leaf like today's post, even before you took the image.

Oh we marvel at the latest lenses, we are in awe when a newer more efficient camera is created, and we're even enthralled by certain up and coming world photographers. But are you as equally enthralled with the material at your disposal for photography?

I only ask, because I'm seeing a pattern when I review past images with this question in mind. The images where I took the time to be curious, appreciate and marveled at life's intricacies have a better dynamic than the ones I took just because they seemed like a good idea at some point. And I edit them with much more care as a result as well.

I guess it's an obvious observation, the things you're are passionate about, and marvel about, and revel in, are the things you are going to capture the best... but as I discover how complex I am as a photographer, these realisations help me become better at how I choose to photograph, and what I choose to photograph. And I'm hearing a lot of other photographers say they still don't know if they have a style that's unique to them alone... so I'll ask you again. Do you have something that makes you stop and marvel at it's uniqueness and design? Start there.

Thanks for the ramble folks! Have a good one!

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