Friday, October 7, 2011

Being Thankful

"Place For Reflection"

Here in Canada we're getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. So I've relaxed my Floral Friday routine in order to post a photo from my photo jaunt last Wednesday... and to say thank you.

Thank you for reading my little blog as often as I post to it.
Thank you for sending me your encouraging emails, your great comments, and for many of you, your long distance support. If my google stats are correct, thank you for reading from places like the U.K, India, Texas, and for that one person in the Congo... I'm happy to have my photographic ramblings entertain you every week.

To my mentors, and my friends on a quest to express life through their own photographic vision... thank you for involving yourselves in my personal journey. You guys keep me extremely inspired. And grounded. I've been very grateful. I hope I show it often enough.

To my friends... thank you for putting up with my obsession and encouraging it to continue. You're all extremely fabulous :) And thank you for pulling me away from my desk and computer often enough to remember that life still has room for fun no matter what project is looming.

To my sweet family, immediate and extended. My cheer leading section, and my very constant support. I'm grateful for how often you humour me when the lens is stuck in your face, or when I have to be out shooting at all hours, in all weather, in inconvenient locations. For when I'm cranky after my shoot disappoints. Or when I have to do taxes... in the middle of the dining room... while you wait for supper... to arrive in take-out form... again.

And finally, to my Lord and Savior, who is continually doing a new work in me personally, which as a result flows into my photography and business. And has been the source of my obsession with the beauty and design He established for us to enjoy.

Just the very tip top of the list of thankfulness for me.
Thanks for letting me post it for all to see today, and have a terrific long weekend everyone.

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