Friday, October 14, 2011

Fading Beauty ~ Floral Friday!

"Autumn's Final Rose"

I'm so thankful I have a local rose garden nearby. Even as fall overtakes the flowers we've enjoyed all summer long, there's always one or two remaining that brave the chilly nights and manage to find a single patch of sun in which to bathe their delicate petals.

Soon these interesting and dramatic subjects will be gone, the biting winter will come, and I'll be forced to rely on our beautiful greenhouses at the same park for any source of color, floral shapes, and tropical temps. Trust me, it's a heavenly locale when the thermometer drops below 0* Celsius!

I'm told our weekend here in the Hammer might be a tad soggy, so I shall be prepping for sessions coming, and getting ready for a new product reveal in time for Christmas shopping... am excited to share it and Monday can't come soon enough.

So stay dry, do some indoor photography, and see you all back here next week! Have a good one, and thanks for the ramble!

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