Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something from Nothing ~ Wide Angle Wednesday!

"Converging City"
(Toronto's ROM which hangs out over the sidewalk, taken during Nuit Blanche)

It's a blustery day and I haven't left the house except to walk the pooch. So in keeping with the chilly weather, thought I'd post the only keeper image from my night in Toronto for the art festival called Nuit Blanche, which could have been retitled The "Every street in TO is a wind tunnel, where did I put my long underwear, people must be crazy to wander around the city at 3am looking for hidden art, because all the streets have been sectioned off for the festival" Festival.

As you can gather, it was a less than perfect night.

The wind was so strong, that the tripod still wobbled after I lashed my two teenagers to it. It was so cold, my hands stayed in the shape of the camera even in my pockets. And the set up was so confusing we wound up at one point in front of the Parliament Ottawa.

So, I made one shot count. I was determined. I found a nice corner tucked out of the wind up against The Crystal addition of the ROM, composed to get a tidy convergence of shapes and forms, and even caught the odd star burst from the lights. My wide angle lens bowed the scene inwards to emphasize the way the ROM leans out over the street defying gravity... and then we hightailed it back to the car, shivering and complaining.

 A great night was had by all. Sort of.
Not really.

Moving right along. So... any location disasters that taught you to work fast for one doable shot? Or are you trying not to remember, like me?
Have a great day, stay warm, and thanks for the ramble!

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