Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunset Walks ~ Wide Angle Wednesday

"Lovers Light"
(1/25 sec.@ F/16, ISO 250, 20mm, Exp.Comp+0.3)

Just enough light. Anyone else ever struggle with how you know you have just enough light? Enough for it to still be a correct exposure, but not so much that you can't follow your creative instinct or vision. And how subjective can the whole dilemma get, since no one can truly interpret how you saw the light for that particular subject matter anyways, or interpret your interpretation... anyone else totally confused now or is it just me?

I fell in love with this light last night while on a walk with another photog addict/friend. It stopped me in my tracks. Literally. My pal Kelly will tell you. She nearly slammed into the back of me. (Well, that could be a slight exaggeration). It was the sun bursting through the trees and lighting a slight curve in the trail. Magical looking. And I could have bracketed this shot so that later in editing I could have layered a few shots together to carefully bring out details in all the darkest areas of the frame... but I felt it would defeat the purpose since I composed to include certain dark areas within the shot so that the light was the subject, not the entire area. This time anyways. Because how you want to represent the light, especially in a landscape, really is subjective. And next time I may very well decide to make the scenery the subject... in which case, I would bracket the shot to get several different exposures that I can combine later to make the most of the light everywhere.

But for now, I like how the path is lit, and slowly fades away... it has just enough light. I think.

Back to work I go, but thanks for the ramble!


  1. You are certainly right, that the path is lit beautifully. Great capture. Glad you were there so we could see it!

  2. Thank you Bob! And I'm glad that there are a few readers out there appreciating my efforts along with all these darned internal conversations I end up posting, lol...