Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a Shape? ~ Telephoto Tuesday

"Emerging Hosta"

Just a quick post today. I was really drawn to these giant hosta leaves in the garden the other day, especially as they're tucked way back in the shadows for the most part. But I love how easily shape can be defined, or heightened with just a little light to rim it. And I love how contrast causes us to pause and see the form and beauty in a single hosta leaf.

Nature is all about shape. And the Creator even knows how to light his own subjects the best... no help from this humble little photographer required. All that was required of me this particular morning was to click the shutter. And see it as more than just a nice shape.

Have you picked up your camera today? What, exactly, are you waiting for?
Thanks for the tiny ramble folks, have a good one!

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