Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deliberate Photography ~ Telephoto Tuesday!

"Sweet Summer Susans"
(1/50sec.@ F/9, ISO 125, 20mmfl, 55-200mm zoom vr, late evening light, tripod)

I need to slow down. I get out on trail, and see all the potential images before me and I go into overdrive. In the back of my head I want time to stand still so the light stays exactly the way it is so as to get every shot and not miss anything. If anyone has created an app for this, please let me know. I'd be your biggest fan.

Anyone else wrestle with this? In my heart of hearts I know that if I slowly explore an area, and take some time adequate enough to properly set up the shots I'm seeing, I'm rewarded with images I love and lessons that impact me. Scouting a trail before hand becomes an important part of this more deliberate approach, and using my tripod also makes me a deliberate photographer. Simple things. But things that leave my head completely in all the anticipation of shooting a wide variety of subject matter in a designated area.

 I'm learning to not just become familiar with a location, but to allow it then to reveal itself in new ways... which always happens when I'm willing to slow down and let my eyes adjust to the way a location really functions. What's hidden in the shade, what catches the light differently, what moves in a breeze, what flourishes near a fallen tree... then finding a way to interpret it the best in camera.

The image above is of Black Eyed Susans growing wild in a field of dense tall grass. I dropped down to position the telephoto close to the grass and peer through. The result was a dreamy see-through green as I focus through the moving grasses and on the flowers. And it was all done deliberately. Guess I'm learning after all.

Have a great day folks, and thanks for the ramble!