Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunset n' Wildflowers ~ Floral Friday

"Summer Susans II"

I love wildflower fields. I don't get to shoot enough of them, my own fault really as I seem to get caught up searching for more architecture and less nature sometimes. I think some major rural scouting needs to be done soon, a few locations noted for some good sunset back road ramblings.

I have noticed I like to take the more romantic or artsy approach to wildflowers. None of the trying to isolate a single razor sharp specimen on a backdrop of green bokeh. I like to include what I now refer to as the "beautiful mess" of the field or trails. Keeping it very natural looking. The only real magic coming from the quality of light. And the quality of light is at it's finest just as the sun rises, or decends.

This was taken over at Princess Point, here in Hamilton at sunset. Trails are carefully mowed through the fields, allowing you to get up close to birds that nest in the tall wild grasses, and to tons of flowers that are encouraged to naturalize throughout the area...

It was quiet, it was natural, and it was bathed in sun. I love sunsets and wildflowers.

Thanks for the ramble, and have a great weekend folks!

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