Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Breeze ~ Exploration Thursday!

"And Then They Danced"

No, I haven't suddenly forgotten how to get a sharp photograph. Today's post is a stand of wildflowers waving in the breeze along a trail two evenings ago. Now some of you may have no use for this type of artistic imagery. Nothing was blurred in processing either. This shot is SOOC. (straight out of camera) My goal was to still have enough detail to see the flower shapes, but to catch the motion of them swaying slightly. And try as I might, they're too sturdy a plant to actually bend and sway, so catching them "dancing" on the breeze was more like it. I think I might have this one done on canvas when printed.

There's something about soft light, soft shapes, and a slow exposure that can turn nature into abstract art or visual poetry. A windy day can offer the photographer a chance to photograph outside the box, choose to be creative, and forget the rules we so often adhere to religiously. Who says every subject has to be frozen in time?

I've been a long time fan of Freeman Patterson's photography. He listens and looks for nature to direct how he can most accurately and beautifully portray it in the lens. His images of lupins or wildflowers dancing in the wind are in a word delightful. When I need inspiration or feel myself getting bogged down with literal accuracy as I photograph, I open one of his books (all of which will be life changing/photographically changing reads) and allow the images to remind me that nature should be enjoyed and that it's many faces can be caught in the camera if you loosen up and enjoy yourself.

Next week it's my hope to have another artist/photographer join us on the blog for Exploration Thursday. You'll want to stop in for that post! In the meantime, channel your inner artist, take a cue from nature, and explore what you can create in the lens.
Thanks for the ramble, have a most awesome day!

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