Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Satisfied With Simplicity ~ Telephoto Tuesday!

"Summer Greens"
(1/60 sec.@ F/8, ISO 160, 110mm fl, Nikkor 55-200mm zoom VR, early morning light)

I greet my workday feeling.... refreshed. The first morning of my personal challenge to be creative and photograph something, anything, not work related has me ready for my day. Did it require fancy filters? Did I need all my gear? Did I have to travel across the city? Did I search high and low for gritty, dramatic, newsworthy subjects? Quite simply, in a word, no.

In fact, the theme I kept in mind while wandering about the neighbourhood was simplicity. I wanted to stop looking for any over the top wowness (such a fun word to type by the way) and go back to what makes photography enjoyable for me. Simple color filling the frame. Directional lines, giving the basic feeling of movement and nothing more. Patterns found in nature, streamlined and dressed down. A simple beauty.

I kept it simple, and came back with a few surprises. How easy it was to feel satisfied so early in the day. Perhaps I've been complicating things for too long? Regardless, the simple act of wandering about for an hour this morning leaves me ready to start more serious work knowing that I do not have to go to great lengths to be happy with my photography.

The ornamental grasses in their prime leaning towards the morning sun have had very little altered from my original Raw file. I quickly used curves in PSPx2 to emphasize true shadow and highlights, and sharpened slightly. A slight crop was included. It was that simple.

Wonder what I'll spot tomorrow morning? What did you guys get today? Send me a link so I can see! Thanks for the ramble gang! Have a good one!

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