Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest Post With Wanda Judd! ~ Exploration Thursday!

"Pemiquid Point, Maine"

I am very pleased to present a very sweet and talented lady as our guest here on the blog today. I first became familiar with Wanda Judd's work over at BetterPhoto and since then have followed her career over at flickr and Facebook. We'll include links to view her images on other sites below, but for now, let's hear a bit from Wanda about how she started out and what she loves about photography!

"I am first daughter, wife, mother and gram…as a result of these I became photographer. I like to say that I was fired and no one told me…I basically woke up one day and realized that my son and daughter had actually grown up and didn’t need me any more and I had never done anything just for me, something that would give me inner pleasure. I decided to take up photography…I knew nothing about apertures, f stops, how to change a lens…I bought a Nikon camera. Looked for lessons…discovered workshops at The Disney Institute at Disneyworld…. I had no idea how lucky I was to be in the company of these great professionals…Moose Peterson, Bob Krist, the late John Netherton, Jay Maisel ( I recently took another workshop with Jay and learned as much about life as I did photography), Jill Enfield, David Middleton, Beth Wald, Steve McCurry…I was hooked and attended all the workshops they had until they closed the Institute. After that I found Maine Media Workshops in Rockport ME…my first class there was with Alison Shaw and it was certainly a learning experience…it was there that I learned an amazing lesson of light. We had gotten up at 3am and drove to see the sunrise in a wonderful area of summer cottages. I saw the amazing light And saw how fast it was gone…it was at that moment that I knew for me photography was a spiritual experience…it took me a while to realize that what I do and like and put together is in fact art…a deeply personal form of art that gives me peace and pleasure and one I can get lost in..I lose all track of time when I'm shooting and do a fair amount of talking to myself when I shoot."

"When I first started in photography, I did the predictable flower shots, macro, intimate, deep into the soul of the flower and while I still love the flower … It did not take long to discovered that I love abstract photography, architectural photography, photography with motion, movement and softness…I am well aware that there are two kinds of photographers..the tech ones and the art ones...and while it takes a bit of both to make a good photographer, we do lean in one direction over the other.... I have a dear friend who is an amazing tech photographer but admits that he would love to have "the eye"..."

"One of the things I learned early on is to Simplify, Simplify. As a result I very seldom look at or take a whole picture…I look at segments of a photo I am about to take...I think I also look at life in segments as well..."

"I did not come to digital until three or four years ago…I loved film (slides) and the discipline it took to get just what I wanted. Since I started with digital I fell in love with all the periphery that goes with it…I love seeing a shot and knowing or feeling that I will add softness, overlays, punch up the depth of color with HDR…”The eye sees what the mind knows”.

"I have recently been shooting with my iPhone and this year have had two iPhone shows…featuring only iPhone shots…one a shared show at our state Capitol and a solo show in Richmond’s river district…and I was amazed at how well these shows were received."

"I have two mentors… Alison Shaw and Tony Sweet and am inspired by their creativity."

"The lighthouse seen above, was taken at Pemiquid Point in Maine while attending a workshop with Alison Shaw…It was shot with slide film…with a soft focus filter…the color was just as it greeted us before sunrise. When we arrived there and saw the sky and color, I simply ran to make my shoots and the total excitement I felt when I saw the sky is something that I will always feel when I see this shot…the composition was also so exciting in the viewfinder , the peace and joy and excitement at seeing this and knowing it was right will always be with me…"
"Lincoln Memorial"

"The Lincoln Memorial was taken the second day of shooting on a trip to DC …I simply was not pleased with what I did the day before and went back the next day…when I turned my camera at the angle, it was pure excitement seeing it in the view finder and knew that again it was right…"

"The Keyboard"

"The ‘Keyboard” I fell in love with while walking under a railroad bridge and when looking up saw this amazing site…it looked like a giant keyboard and I had to stop, put up the tripod, get down on my knees and shot away…
I love being a part of Betterphoto, Facebook, Flickr and FotoBlur…a great way to learn, to see, to grow as a photographer…."

My very special thanks to Wanda for agreeing to be our featured guest today! You'll miss out on some fabulous art and photography if you neglect to take some time to click on the highlighted links above and view the rest of her galleries. If you sign up for her mailing list at her website, you'll be updated on any shows or projects she's involved in. And I know she'll be pleased to help you with an order if you feel moved to purchase a print...

This is a lady who's work moves and inspires me every time I look through her galleries. You can sense the wonder and care that goes into every image... it's been an honor to collaborate on a guest post with her today!
Thanks again Wanda for being so inspirational, and to all my readers have yourselves a super day! Be sure to leave a comment or two for Wanda below and let her know if you enjoyed becoming acquainted with her photography! 


  1. I am so very proud to call her friend, wife, soul mate and love of my life..! It has been exciting for me to watch her "blossom" into the great photographer she has become. I also have the ability to see her sweet spirit reflected in her work. CEJ

  2. How lovely to read this comment! I have so enjoyed becoming familiar with Wanda's work over the last couple years... it's a thrill to have her on the blog!

  3. how do i see more of her work?

  4. Sorry for the delay hovis, didn't see your reply till now, my apologies. All you need to do is click on the highlighted accounts I added to the blog post above. There is one for Flickr, BetterPhoto, ect... anywhere you see words in a new color on the blog post above :) Enjoy exploring her work!