Friday, September 16, 2011

The Role of Color ~ Floral Friday!

"Soaking Up The Sun"

I can't remember when I last looked to make color my main subject in a photo. Just looking at this image makes me feel awake, energized, and in a positive frame of mind. Color is a powerful element for the photographer. And yet I just read an article on color, and in it they state it's one of the least utilized or understood tools of photography for most people.

Color IS a powerful element for story telling to be sure. I think we assume that as long as the image is in color at some point, it's doing it's job. What we forget is that it can control the response the viewer will give, the impression it will leave, and the emotions within their response. When I think about it that way, I want to make sure I don't just shoot in color, I want to make sure I shoot for the precise role color will play. Huge difference I'd say.

It'll also dictate the way I process an image. Because I can control how much of it is shown, the intensity, where it is in my composition and framing, and whether it should be warm or cool depending on the mood I hoped to convey when I first took the photo to begin with, this means color becomes a mega tool to apply to every photo you intend to display.

Here in Ontario, our Autumns are renowned for amazing color. I won't be able to help but make it my subject and my muse for the next couple of months...
and I look forward to sharing them with all of you.

If you've been blogging or posting images about color, especially fall color, send me the links... we'll share them here on the blog!
Have a super Friday, and thanks for the ramble!


  1. That woke me up! Great shot o color in the morning. I thought I needed my sunglasses. Nice job Christine!

  2. LOL... thanks Dave :) Have a sunny day my friend!