Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Faded Can Be Beautiful ~ Telephoto Tuesday!

"She Bowed Her Golden Head"

Autumn is on our doorsteps. It makes me ecstatic! I love this time of the year. Colors deepen, textures emerge, light gathers dramatically. Everyone wears their favorite sweaters. Fall fairs are flooded with apple cider and the people who drink it. My dog gleefully tracks mud and leaves into my kitchen while I start up the baking of the pies once again. Good good times are just around the corner. Love it.

It also means that nature begins to fade into it's pre-winter cycle. But often those plants that were so vibrant all summer present a different kind of drama in the cooler weather of autumn. I love the challenge of trying to capture the unusual beauty that can be Fall.

This sunflower could no longer fight the approach of autumn. I came across her lovely textures and color, and veil of crisp leaves last September at Hamilton's Dundurn Castle's Working Garden. And if you click to enlarge the image you should be able to see the tiny lady bug companion resting on top of her, peaking from behind the shelter of leaves. Despite her diminished petals, and the crumpling of her golden crown, I recognized that I needed to capture this new stage of beauty. The slow sweet fade that overtakes our gardens in the coming weeks provides unusual subjects. Look close enough, there's still beauty to be photographed.

Explore the approach and arrival of autumn with new eyes friends. You won't be able to put the camera down.

Thanks for the ramble! Hope you all had a marvelous long weekend!

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