Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Pleases The Eye ~ Telephoto Tuesday

"Habour Sailing"

There's always going to be a trend to follow. We're bombarded with trends. Individuals start them, corporations start them. The photography community is no exception. Trends in gear, trends in locations, and trends in processing.

"Web of Rigging"

And I'm not talking about making improvements, or growing in skills. I'm not talking about having a niche you specialize in, that your unique style utilizes. I'm just talking about the "band wagon" effect. I learned a valuable lesson very early on about remaining true to yourself, and not molding yourself to what you see being presented around you.

"Eastward Bound"

As a photographer, I first and foremost go with what pleases my own eye. And then I hope how I complete the process of taking the photograph will also draw your eye, and whatever your process of relating to it is.
I'm hearing too many new photographers talk about the things they're chasing, and not enough about what they're personally invested in and building towards on their own steam.

Today's series of images don't strive for anyone's latest standards but my own... is that wrong to say? I don't think so. In the midst of new apps, new actions, and new trends, be sure you can still spot something of yourself within the results.

Thanks for enduring the soapbox ramble gang. Have a good one!


  1. Great post, I totally agree.
    I really like that last picture the Eastward Bound one.
    BTW thanks for the comments and I think I may have to visit the airport again and get more plane shots.

  2. Thanks Peter! I'm partial to that last one myself...lol. Great minds right? It was great to see your latest post, your blog has been added to my public blog roll, hope more folks check out your wonderful photos!

  3. Great post Christine! I totally agree as well. Be yourself and don't follow anyone else!

    Peter great shots of those planes coming in! I will have to start following your blog as well.

  4. Thanks Dave! And I know Peter will appreciate the follows.... I hope more will give his blog a visit!