Friday, September 9, 2011

Pure Joy ~ Floral Friday!

"Crowning Glory"

When was the last time you took your camera out just to explore? No daily quota, no must-have money shot, no pressure to perfect technique.

Just to allow the camera to be guided by your eye. By whatever delights you. By whatever intrigues you. By something pretty just for pretty's sake. Experience the joy of photography at it's most simple.

Set aside the expectations that we artistic types are always placing on getting "the" moment and just go with the flow for a weekend. Then try it for a whole week. I dare ya to try it for a whole month...

Dunno why I had this thought today... but some of us are trying SO hard that we've forgotten how to enjoy the process. Get your eyes off the results, and put your heart and soul into the "doing".

Start this weekend. Make it a good one.
And thanks for the short ramble friends.

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