Friday, August 19, 2011

World Photography Day! ~ Floral Friday!

"Bold Whimsy"

It'd be a shame if I didn't actually post on the blog today, seeing as it's world photography day! So here I am, a little later than usual but it's a post none the less. I saw quite a bit of activity today in all sorts of photo communities, celebrating World Photography Day. And if you didn't actually take a photo today, I hope you were able to appreciate some instead.

Needless to say, there have been some amazing people who have mentored or befriended, or encouraged, or supported, or inspired me on my own pursuit of better photography. If I named everyone, we'd be here all weekend. But you all know who you are. And my thanks knows no end.

You've been the ones that corrected my skills, and sometimes my attitude. You've applauded my efforts, and prayed for my future. Some of you have provided direction, some of you have provided honesty. Many of you have stoked the fire for my love of all things art, some of you have succeeded in stoking my determination at being a better business manager. Many of you have come with cameras and shot alongside me for an afternoon. Many of you I've never met but you've been my life line at some point. And many of you I've admired from a distance, gleaming wisdom from your books, workshops and blogs. And most important, you've extended your friendship or supported me as family.

World Photography Day! I'm so happy to share it all with YOU.

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