Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plane ...And Simple ~ WideAngle Wednesday!

"North American Harvard IV"

If ever there was a subject that benefited from the use of a wide angle lens, it was the winged machines ready for flight and display at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. You're forced to get low, to include the actual space in most every composition, and to emphasize shape so as to emphasize power and history.

That wide perspective and slight barrel distortion that comes with 18mm focal lengths, and extended out to 12mm, is seriously advantageous to photographing this space. I may have to rent an ultra wide my next trip over there. I felt like 18mm was the tip of the iceberg photographically. It's a massive space but tightly packed with these rare birds so you have to get creative no matter what lens you're toting. But I'll say it again. It was a high to be photographing these incredible pieces of history. The plane posted today first flew in 1940...and is still in working condition.

Photographers, it sounds simple, but be sure to check out everything your city or area has to offer! Get excited about it! And let it show in your images.

More to come from my exploration of this wonderful spot in the Hammer. Have a good one folks, thanks for the ramble.


  1. "Photographers, it sounds simple, but be sure to check out everything your city or area has to offer! Get excited about it! And let it show in your images.: <--- Great advice. 1 all be implementing as of next week - when I start working fulltime on my photography!

    I've been out to plan museum once. It was very cool. I just picked up the Canon 17-40 f4 last night - and am eager to take advantage of the width the will afford me on the 5D2 body. :)

  2. We LOVE it there too! Love this shot in black and white as well.


  3. Ardean... working full time! Congrats, it's such an exciting and complex adventure :) You'll do amazing things with that lens I'm sure! And you're not that far from me correct? Perhaps a get-together in the not too distant future, cameras included? :)

  4. Hey Heather, isn't it a cool spot to take the whole fam? We loved it :) Thanks for the feedback chickie! I'm rather partial to the B&W myself... lol.

  5. Hi Christine, thanks for sharing these images. They are amazing! I think your images are going to be okay with this site, It is a photographers competition and their running a contest every week. It is completely free and you can enter as many images as you want. I encourage you to check it out and tell me what you think.

  6. Thanks Leizel! I'll definitely have a look... open to Canadian residents I hope? Anyways, thanks for visiting, I'll let you know when I check it out :)