Thursday, August 18, 2011

Manufactured Patterns ~ Exploration Thursday!

"City of Glass"

I love exploring Toronto. In fact, any big city will do when it's populated with the kinds of condos and skyscrapers that draw the eye all over the crowded skyline. Toronto has some especially cool modern architecture, and it calls my name frequently.

This was taken quite a while ago but remains a favorite. No the building was not on a tilt, that's me... but it was curved, nary a straight wall to be seen. The design established with this towering condo begged to be photographed. The patterns are like candy to the photographers eye. The fact that it's also unified in color due to all the glass reflecting the sky blues and water blues it looks out over, and in complete even shade made this shot a no-brainer. I remember how excited I got over just this shot. Which brings me to a story.

Taking this shot, I was standing inside the courtyard entrance of the building. People were coming and going, and some stopped to turn around and look up to see what I was getting shots of. Most went on their merry way. But one lady with her 7 year old in tow stopped, came back to me and asked if she could see what in the world I found so interesting. I told her I was a photographer, and that the city was full of these fantastic designs. My subject for the day was manufactured patterns. I showed her this shot I was already dying to get home and see enlarged and her comment was "I don't get it." She began to walk away, but the little guy with her took a final look at my screen, looked back up at the building they were going to enter, looked back at me and called out, "That's cool lady!"

I hope he gets a camera for Christmas.

Patterns in the city. They inspire me to look waaaaay up, for crazy lines, for great shapes, for elements of design that shine. And when I find the perfect mix of those requirements I snap a photo and say quietly to myself,
"That's cool lady."

It's one of the easiest ways to learn more about your style, your way of seeing, and your camera, so get out there with those cameras this week gang. Send me a heads up if you get something cool and we'll feature your shot here on the blog!  Seriously. For real. Ya wanna?
Have a good one folks, and thanks for the ramble!

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