Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swingtime! Wide Angle Wednesday

"Carnival Designs"

You'll have to excuse me if over the next few days you see images from my ramblings with the family 'cause it's VACATION WEEK!
First up, we went to the CNE or the Canadian National Exhibition or affectionately known as The EX... take your pick. Regardless of what you call it, it's an entire day of midways, rides, shows, competitions, animals and food. It's just so gosh darn fun to take the family. So we did.

At night, the place is lit up like a Christmas tree on the fourth of July. While I wasn't there to play photographer except to capture some memories, I managed to sneak in some shots just for me anyways. The swings are one of the classic rides of all time. And it sure is purdy at night!

I jacked my ISO to about 800 or 1000 for this one I believe and steadied the shot across my forearm on a post nearby. Very little has been done in post processing.

Today we're off to the WarPlane Heritage Museum... images are sure to follow!

Enjoy your day folks! And happy rambling!

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