Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple Decisions ~ Exploration Thursday!

(1/8 sec.@ F/16, ISO 100, 50mm fl panned, dark overcast light, potato vine as subject)

Simple and uncomplicated. Two words that can describe photography when you decide they should. You can find yourself walking up to some potato vine draping over a planter, decide you like how it naturally spills over the edge, and just as easily decide to allow that one feature to inspire your next image.

You can decide that the fun is in the photographing. That panning your camera across and downward will yield colorful and expressive results. You can decide to let your camera and your skills convey how you feel, not just what you see.

See? Simple and uncomplicated. You look through the myriad of experiments on the screen back at the computer... and suddenly stop at the one image that speaks to you the loudest. You decide to leave it pretty much as it was straight out of the camera with some slight adjustments. Surely if it immediately conveys the sense of motion and vibrancy to you, it will do the same for others.
If they decide to let it.

Simple and uncomplicated. I've made no bones about the fact that I like to decide to use that as my approach in photography more often than not. Behind the lens, and in the digital darkroom. The act of photography has to be that simple, or the pursuit becomes more of an obligation. And I've simply decided not to let that happen.

What aspect of photography you love is always your decision, and everyone is different. Just decide to stay true to it, and then enjoy yourself. It's really that simple.

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