Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Challenge ~ WideAngle Wednesday!

"Give Me One Chance"

My crazy dog. Friends will be able to attest to just how crazy she can be, it's the border collie part of her that is unable to focus for too long on one thing, including sitting for a portrait. Rally is getting older, and I have so very few great images of her that showcase her personality. I'm attempting to remedy this. It's my new personal challenge. My mission. It's driving me nuts.

You're looking at the intense food driven part of her right now. THAT would be the Black Lab in the mix. I am not ashamed to say that I'm holding aloft a dog treat camera right. It's the only reason she's sitting long enough for me to get this shot. I'm lucky I managed to shoot fast enough in the window light to get her eyes in focus with my prime 50mm, the fastest lens I have right now.

I want to use my flash at some point when I photograph her, but I may have to settle for early sun coming in the window instead of late day, and harass one of the kids into holding a reflector to better light the other side of her face... everything about my flash gets swallowed up in her silky black coat, and I am still working on how best to light her. If I can get the shot I see in my head before Friday, I'll share, I promise. The reason I'd love to get some great light on her is mainly so that I can get the best DOF as well. Her nose in focus would be more suitable for this type of portrait. And that obviously didn't happen here.

On a completely unrelated topic, if my husband tunes in to the blog today I'd like to wish him a very Happy Birthday. I'd have a portrait of him up, but he too is hard to peg down for a photo the minute a camera comes out, and I've yet to find an effective treat to hold up camera right to distract him. Although he's informed me a homemade apple pie would do the trick if I were desperate. Right.

Guess I need to go warm the oven up....

Thanks for the ramble! Have a good one gang!


  1. Excellent, funny I just posted some portraits of my crazy yellow lab, chillin out on our bed.(she thinks its hers) .I have them posted in Flickr and on my FB page. Do take a look. Let me know what you think. I used the natural light coming in our window. Bumped up the iso a bit so that I could use a higher F-stop. Though my lens is not quite fast enough either, so the nose is slightly out of focus as well. Luckily I was sitting under the window so I had the full light on her entire face. I think a bounce of the ceiling with maybe some fill from a reflector would work well.

    Have a great one!

  2. LOL... great minds think alike Dave ;) I will check out your images for sure! I definitely have to bounce some fill light next time, I should really post images that show the difference right on the blog. Guess I'll get to work on that! Have a super day dude!