Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Inspiration!

"When I Think of You..."

I needed to start my week inspired. It's as simple as that. Where do you find your inspiration or motivation to jump into that vocation you love, no holds barred as they say? Books? Galleries? Your neighborhood?

I gain inspiration all those places too of course. But when I need an instant boost to the creative juices, I turn to some of my favorite bloggers and photographers. And I thought, why not share them with you! These go beyond just photography for photography's sake. These never cease to make me sit up and say to myself, "Self... when was the last time YOU shot with that kind of obvious passion?"

So here are the go-to sites I choose specifically when I need to be inspired:

I poked through all of them today, and what do you know? I feel fired up and ready to photograph and explore in a way only I know how! That's how inspiration works. Find the one thing that will get you excited about your tasks today, and let's all get crackin'....

Happy Monday gang!


  1. Thanks for these Christine. I am now following Dan Jurak's blog. His latest post really hit home with me.

    Have a great day....

  2. As does his post from today...

  3. I thoroughly enjoy his blog... it challenges the things I thought were carved in stone, and his images make me want to move out west. At the least, his posts make me want to get to work, no lazing around the house ;)

  4. They're orchids, and they seem to love my livingroom for some reason :) They make excellent subjects!