Monday, February 13, 2012

Dreary Equals Industrial ~ Mono Monday!

"Guardian at the Docks"

I find the weather swings from gloomy to startlingly bright and cold with no happy medium in the last few weeks. Hardly ideal conditions for inspiring photographs. So today's post is another rant on working with what you've got.

The image above was taken down at the docks in the Hamilton Harbour a couple weeks ago. I had wandered around the pier and bay front trying to find something fascinating but felt like everything was coming up short. Ever have those days. I'll heartily admit that I do. I decided the best locale for finding some interesting material despite the bland weather would be the industrial docks. With a dull sky, and light rain, I had a chance to simplify my photography. Once in this mindset, everything began to have potential once again.

Simply put, I decided on this particular day that dreary weather equaled industrial type images. I stopped looking for inspiring aesthetics and started looking for aesthetics that conveyed power, durability, and the relationship between the water and the ever present steel mills. 

When I worked with what was at my disposal, I began to get photographs that reminded me of the ways we naturally interpret this part of the city, and the industrial heritage it contains. And they felt right.

Dreary equalled industrial. Tomorrow it might represent something totally different. That's the joy of photography and working with what you've got.

Thanks for the ramble gang! Have a good one!

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