Friday, February 24, 2012

One Lazy Friday

"When Daylight Lingers"

All plans went out the window today. Which was a bit of a downer, but instead I found time to catch up on some edits to older files, planned out changes for my business page on Facebook (thank you Jennifer and Bob for your guidance), and browsed new sites I've discovered and found things that have sparked new ideas or resurrected older ones I lost track of. All while nursing my son back to health. And by nursing I mean telling him to stay in bed and then avoiding any contact with him so I don't get whatever he has. Ha. Kidding! I made sure to throw a box or two of Kleenex up to him after he was banished. I'm deeply caring that way.

Sometimes life just makes you take a break. Whether you want it or not. And in the meantime, thought I'd share an image I'd once lost track of but found again while I puttered around my office space/dining room, while my youngest stayed home from school, valiantly fighting a cold. It's a shot of the winter night sky, one of those nights we realized the days really were starting to seem longer, and the light was starting to ease into that pre-spring glow. As I recall, there was a wicked wind that day that ate through our gloves, scarves, parkas, and heavy winter boots. A damp wind. A heartless wind. The kind that makes you question your sanity. Although I happen to know my sanity IS questioned on a constant basis, so that was nothing new.

Anyway here I am, typing out a ramble late in the afternoon and realising it was good to just go with the flow, rest, and take care of my boy. And if that's a sneeze I feel coming on, he's grounded.

Have a fabulous weekend gang! Stay healthy and stay productive!


  1. Very interesting image. And your words. I know what you mean about being compassionate but not wanting to get sick from your kids. Always a battle. Life is interesting that way! All the best.

  2. LOL... thank you Bob. Thank goodness life can be interesting and messy... what a bore otherwise. Unless I'm on vacation, then boring is welcome.