Thursday, April 28, 2011

Until We Meet Again ~ Exploration Thursday

"May the Road Rise Up to Meet You"

Today's post is dedicated to good friends who are moving a few provinces away. It's a sad day, but a joyful one as their long awaited future is becoming a reality. They're a couple who have watched me practically grow up and have been there through the thick of it. So they're important to me and my family.

 Do you have someone like that in your life? You know the type, they'd come to your rescue in a heartbeat, they never back down from an obstacle, they just love life. These friends are exactly like that. They've been great friends, and great mentors. So I thought it only fitting to post this for you both today, as you make your way back home and to the desire of your hearts. The image above is dedicated to you, with all our love.

I tried to fit in your suitcase you know... next time pack less, there was only room for one elbow and an ear.

Thanks for the sentimental ramble today folks. Tell someone close to you how much you appreciate them just being a part of your life today. If you don't, I may threaten to climb into your suitcase!
Until we meet again..... Have a good one!

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  1. Yes, they will be missed. I helped them load their Uhaul with a few friends, but alas we could not all fit into the confined space. I even tried to take a few things off and get myself into the left hand side of the thingy but it didn't work. He found me and it didn't last long. Christine, they will be missed, but thank goodness for Skype.
    The photo above also says to me....which road will you take?