Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soothing ~ Telephoto Tuesday

"Complimentary Color Display"

Today completely got away from me I confess. As I type it's 10pm and I know I need to go edit tomorrows post too. Where did the hours go today? Between doing some photo file work, tracking down a missing bank statement (ugh) and trying not to kill myself playing Wii baseball I'd lost track of my day. Wonder why?

I'm not posting the image above because it's anything very special or shows any digital camera brilliance on my part. Far from it to be honest. But I'm okay with that. I also need to just be me. I don't always need to be in top form here on the blog do I? The wonderful readers I've managed to entertain a little (and I know who you are *wink wink*) have made it clear that I'm doing okay just being myself most days. So here I am. I'm posting it because the colors soothe me right now. It looks delicate and fresh. The opposite of how I feel currently. And it was taken during a relaxing morning too now that I think about it.

Simple images sometimes ease the restless soul, and help the stress disappear, if only for a moment or two. Actually, the colors above may cause you to have a different reaction to the image. Was reading yesterday in Freeman Patterson's "The Art of Seeing" that "responses to color are often very personal." It can be the pure motivation for even taking a photograph, or why someone will stop to even look at it on display later.

Going through my files, this one called to me. And personally, I feel better having posted it. Hope you too are out there letting emotion and experiences motivate your photo taking... and viewing.
Thanks folks, see ya again in a few hours for Wednesday's post.. wink, wink.

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