Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keep Out ~ Telephoto Tuesday!

"Look But Don't Touch"
(1/125 sec.@ F/11, 85mm fl, 55-200mm zoom, midday bright light, center weighted metering)

Revisiting an older image today. One I took with my trusty telephoto... from a dirt road. I was dying to explore this run down farm house, oh the photographic material that would have been at my disposal. But there was wire around the house and an ugly sign down the road that said "Keep Out". Not to mention a rather large sounding dog on the farm over the hill to the left of the property. And he didn't sound happy that a car had stopped. His road too I guess.

So I made do with what I had at my disposal. I'm no rebel, and I'm usually a big chicken when it comes to unknown elements I must admit. Got as close as I could without falling into the roadside ditch (wouldn't be the first time) and used my longest lens. The light was slightly harsh that day, but I did my best to ensure highlights wouldn't be blown out, and the resulting shadows suited the subject regardless. Nothing fancy done to this in editing. Just some contrast adjustment and some high pass sharpening...

I think prowling someones property unannounced, whether it's inhabited or not is a bit creepy to say the least... no matter your reason. I'm hearing about too many photographers being chased off properties and farmland and we're beginning to get a bad rep. Standing by the car on the road is one thing, capturing the scenery, but exploring without permission is something else altogether. Especially when if you introduce yourself, most people will grant you permission, and even come along to see what the heck you find so interesting about their old rundown shed. Sending them a print at the end of the day doesn't hurt either. It's called being considerate.

And asking permission also ensures your safety. After asking a farmer on a tractor about this building I found out it was no longer safe inside, there was structural problems after so many years of neglect. I thanked him, and he asked to see the final picture I snapped. Seemed to think it was alright. And that I was indeed a real photographer.Apparently people pose as photographers so they can case a joint for later exploits. It had already happened to him and his old house pictured above.

Glad all I used was the telephoto and obeyed the signs. So photogers, let's be respectful of older properties. And be safe too.
Thanks for the ramble! Have a good one!

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