Monday, April 18, 2011

Determination~ Mono Monday!

"Evening Over Lake Ontario"
(1/50 sec.@ F/8, ISO 200, 18mm fl, pattern metering, late overcast light)

Recently I participated in a live workshop online. It was being taught by a fairly celebrated wedding photographer. Yep, you heard me right. I spent an entire weekend being inspired by a wedding photographer. But Christine, you say, you're a fine art photographer. What in the world would one have to do with the other?

The answer is simple. You can find inspiration anywhere. Actually, I should say it this way... you should find inspiration anywhere! And the workshop with Jasmine Star couldn't have come at a better time. To be honest, I was feeling a little like I had hit a wall with the photography. Tapped out. Drained. Perhaps a little pointless. Maybe I was doing something wrong? Maybe I was never going to learn how to make a career out of this vocation?

Instead, what I heard during that webinar was how to keep pressing through, how to never let the big dogs intimidate you, and how to be patient, to let your photography take it's time and become what it needs to. And above all, to be yourself. Sounds like a theme on this blog I know, but that's because it's crucial to growing. The speaker didn't so much teach about wedding photography as share exactly how she learned to become a pro at photography, period. I had desperately needed to hear that. And I connected with her evident passion and joy for sharing what she loves. Exactly why I blog about my photography journey in the first place.

In the image above, there's a wee lighthouse on the horizon. (If you click on the image it should give you a bigger version.) There are days my calling as a photographer (or as a mother, or as a best friend, or as a business manager, or as a singer or...) is like the photograph posted; you can barely make out the guiding light on the horizon but it's there just the same. And you may have to be brave enough to leave the safety of the shores, navigate through the rocks and obstacles of doubt and fear, and head into rougher waters in order to approach the lighthouse on a larger scale, but all of that isn't meant to stop you from doing what you love. It's just meant to give you new things to master along the way.

I had to decide after the workshop just how determined I really am to make this a career. My full time vocation. Ever have those moments? That "do I give up while the gettin's good" moments, or the "I couldn't stop if you paid me moments?"

How 'bout you? Ever struggle with plunging head first into a new project, or continuing with one when it becomes harder to see the finish line? Believe me, I know the feeling! I'll cheer you on if you cheer me on, deal?
Thanks for the ramble folks, have a great day pursuing what you love!


  1. I can see what you mean Christine. Thanks for the ramble. It means that I should still keep trying until I am told by the One who owns my life.
    Again, thanks for the ramble and for the words that ring true in my life.


  2. You're welcome Lori! Glad to read your comments m'dear. Glad I could share something encouraging too! Too many people with hobby's and passions that let the hard stuff get them down.
    Have a great day!