Thursday, April 14, 2011

Strength ~ Exploration Thursday!

"Rivets and Gears"
(1/40 sec.@ F/8, ISO 300, 18mm fl, late overcast light, Burlington Lift Bridge)

I've been photographing nature and skies lately... and anyone who knows me, knows I love to point my camera upwards. So today's image is a little more industrial, and a little less natural. An intense perspective, an intense structure, and an intense processing. And yet... not overly complicated either.

Anyone who really knows me, also knows I like to keep things simple. Complicated techniques start to suck all the fun out of photography for me actually. Not to say that I won't try new things or try to master new skills. But it's the capturing of an image artistically and knowing already how I want it to express itself to you the viewer, that excites me about photography. Today's shot reflects that for me.

Was out to the Burlington Harbour, and the lift bridge is iconic for that area. Towering, sturdy, strong, practical for all the ships and barges that come into the harbour and the steel mills. I pointed the lens up from underneath it, got this composition, and was careful to emphasize it's perspective over me. In editing, I played with the color levels and added a layer with Corel's Cross Processing filter. Adds that more industrial feel to deep greens and contrasting oranges. But that was it. Too much after that and suddenly I don't feel free with a camera in my hand, and that's the whole point. For me anyway. Too many things to do to it and it suddenly becomes an obligation. That squelches the artist in me. 

Shoot what you love folks, and edit it how you feel compelled to! And the trick is to keep learning from each other in the meantime, expanding your artistic vision. Thanks for the ramble, and have a great day!

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