Friday, April 8, 2011

Needs a Boost ~ Floral Friday!

"Wandering Heart Found"
(1/125 sec.@ F/13, ISO 320, Exp.Comp-0.7, 32mm fl, overcast light)

I'm desperate. In my city, we've had zero sun. For many, many, many days. Ugh. The weather people taunt us, saying the sun is waiting for us just one day away... but so far, nothing. Twenty minutes away in the next city they've had sun all week. So what's the problem people? I need answers!

Yes this is a photography blog. But there are just some days you post an image because it speaks to you, or lightens your spirits, or reflects exactly how you're feeling. In fact, I'll go one further. That's often the very reason you took the image to begin with. What you saw spoke to you, affected you, inspired you.... and you even edit it accordingly. Your experience paired with your craft and your editing vision. Cohesive and effective every time. Maybe a  scene spoke to your loneliness, so you tilted your camera, got an off-kilter comp, then tweaked all the dark tones in editing to help convey that mood.  Or, like the image above, you're out on a warm lazy late spring day. You know you must show a corner of the public rose garden in full bloom for a job, and notice how standing by the arbor filled with roses lifts your mood from a busy day. And gives a POV of that of an explorer in a secret garden.

I shot this from under a rose arbor, bringing my composition in close to the delicious roses but leaving some of the backdrop in the framing for context. Like when you discover a new path in a garden. And in editing, I boosted color to jewel-like tones so that it felt fresh and inviting. Emphasis was placed on the mass of roses so that they fill the scene with color but continue to lead the viewer into the shot the same way the arbor lead me into the rest of the rose garden with delight.

 Subjects, points of view, colors, and spaces used well together with your gear... equals expressive images. And for a photographer, it's how I find a way to feel better even. So this post is for all those needing a boost today. It won't be long before you can wander through the garden again.
Thanks for the ramble. And have a good weekend!
P.S. ...Our next Floral Friday will feature a guest I can't wait to post! Wait and see who!


  1. Christine, I don't have a great camera but I can still catch a picture and it make me feel like I have the best camera ever. This photo today does make me realize that the sun will soon be out, and I can start FEELING better and start taking pictures that make me feel good. Thanks for posting this ramble. It makes you believe that, yes just around the corner, the sun will shine.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Lori! No matter what kind of camera you have, if you use it with all the skills you have at your disposal, you'll continue to get photos that make you feel good! That's what I love about photography. No two people see or shoot any one scene or subject the same :-)
    Now, if that sun would just hurry up, lol.