Monday, January 30, 2012

Albumen in Winter... Mono Monday!

When the chilly weather hits, my lens seems to seek out architecture once again, more than any other subject. The hard, short winter light gives angles and lines what they need to stand out. And a trek through the city to photograph large columns and portico's supporting the city's rich history means warming up later over lunch at the local diner or pub.

Ah... the perks of being a photographer in the great white north.

I liked the angle of this solid bank on the corner of James St. and Main in Hamilton, with the empty space in camera right being filled with the contrasting mess of bare branches.

Processed in PSPx2, the Albumen filter gave it all some warmth and aging without being too stark as a B&W. But this winter light is great for Monochromatic images, so you know I'll be heading out with the camera...

Thanks for the quick post! Happy Monday gang!

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