Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waiting on a Sunset ~ Wide Angle Wednesday!

Two Pillars

I spent part of my Sunday standing around at the top of a parking garage with my camera, waiting for the light to do it's thing. The hubby and I were there for about an hour. But I knew it'd be worth it. The sun was going to set behind us, lighting the clouds in sunset colors ahead of us, and more importantly - the two towering condos made of steel and glass.

I don't think I would have taken this shot if the light, the location, and the weather hadn't been so accommodating. It was coincidence we were even on the roof of the garage, it had a level entrance from the street before the street angled downhill and we assumed we were just getting closer to the two beacons shining in the sun. It wound up giving us the cleanest position to shoot from. I wasn't about to pass it up.

We waited for the light to drop and I took various different shots while waiting. But this was what I waited for. I had my exposure ready, having made sure I didn't blow out every highlight along the curves of the buildings. I had this expansive view showing just how well they stand out amongst the rest of the city and how they reach up into that sky. Had the 18-55mm all the way out to 18mm to be sure. Positioned myself where you could see the ripples in the designs, and the ripples in the clouds. With the light disappearing, no bracketing or filters were required.

You can also view a much larger version here.

It was just delightful. I love when everything comes together.


  1. Great shot, really nice colours. You caught it perfectly. One thing I noticed ( more on the larger picture) was the reflection in that smaller building to the left of the towers. Not sure if it is of these towers or the two behind but either way the reflections really add to the shot

  2. Awesome photo Christine. I watched as the buildings were being built. Nice job!!!

  3. Good eye Peter!!! You'd be right, that's the reflection of those two towers themselves, which I thought was a nifty little detail :) So glad you spotted that! Thanks so much for your feedback!

  4. And thank you Lori, glad you like this one! Many of these buildings win design awards, and I wonder how many are actually taking a good look at them or if it;s just become routine now in the GTA?