Monday, January 16, 2012

The Flower and the Flash ~ Mono Monday!

Lilly #1 ~ A Study in Flash

A teaser image for a new post coming soon on Flash Photography. Meaning, I really have no time to truly blog today so a sneak peek at a new project is what you get.

I am just learning what my solitary speed light is capable of in terms of light. In commander mode, in manual, outside, inside, it is truly broadening my scope of how I can add drama to any subject and it is allowing me to shoot no matter what the circumstance. This is big for me, I cannot tell a lie.

That I waited for almost five years before I really decided I had enough of being terrified of flash says... well, I'll let you decide what it says. But be nice. At any rate, the first thing I know is that still life and florals have expanded possibilities now that I can play with flash exposure. Today's photograph in B&W is proof. Highly defined subject details, easy use of negative space, lots of drama due to the variety of tones and the contrast created by the seamless back drop. I kept my speed light with a big diffuser very close to the subject, with reflectors to control the light back towards the subject... am working on documenting a shoot to show you exactly what I did for the upcoming post. But for now, if you're not even sure how to activate you speed light, I found this video very helpful last year for the true beginner, as well as this longer video here. If you're not a Nikon user, all you need to do is search YouTube for your flash name and you'll be able to filter through tons of demos.

Exciting isn't it? So Friday, I'll begin my series on exploring flash...
I hope you'll join me!

As you were. Thanks for the ramble!

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