Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Changing Seasons In the Camera...

"Before The First Winter Wind"

The days are so much shorter, and the temperature's dropping slowly. I love autumn, mostly because the weather and the light provide ample ways to add a richness to any photograph.

But there's no doubt about it... winter approaches!
I've already noticed that the warm light of late afternoon is beginning to be replaced with the cooler tones of a sun distancing itself for the coming season. Oh sure, there'll still be sunshine. But it's of a different quality for the next while. You're thinking, "she's off her nut! It's the exact same!" But images taken during the winter months have a completely different quality, and science would back me up... possibly.

At any rate, it's a great way to start getting creative with what I might choose to photograph, since I'll no longer have glorious flowers or summery trails at my disposal. I start hunting down older architecture, cemeteries, street photography, and play with my itty bitty studio gear. I switch to more seasonal scenery to inspire, and try my hand at a few new things too... for instance, this week I'm trying to get a self portrait done that I actually like, and next week I'm going to try making my own seamless/backdrop for some fun portrait work I've always wanted to try.

And never fear, I'm not opposed to being out in the weather catching some light on a snowy field or two. I'll keep the landscapes comin'. But much like taking in the patio furniture for the next four months (who am I kidding, more like 6!) I'm already deciding what to change about my photography while the great Canadian winter prepares to give us a good wallop!


  1. Lovely image Christine! I so agree with what you were saying about the sunlight. I was out the other day thinking to get some late afternoon shadows. Well boy was I wrong. The shadows were in a totally different direction, and way to long to get a good image from the ground. Yes the seasons are changing, and I too will have to change with them. Not quite sure what I'll do, but trying something new is always fun! Great post Christine! :)

  2. Thanks Rachel! Tis the time of year that I go into the greenhouses for floral study and into my teensy studio set-up for exploring new skills... around here the sun has been a no show for an entire week and a half now! Saw your own latest challenge, bravo!