Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bathed in Light ~ Wide Angle Wednesday!

"Incorrigible Path"

I love autumn. The light alone this time of year makes any scene or subject glow. I find it very difficult to stay stuck behind my desk when afternoon rolls around, because the light is magical. In fact right now I'm duct taped to my desk so I can't leave the work I have to finish this week instead of traipsing around the escarpment with the Nikon.

It's painful. You have no idea how it's killing me to be stuck inside right now.

The next best thing is to post images from my latest romp over by Albion Falls. This is how I'll have to get my fix. Both images are centered around how the light looked along the trail. Sometimes we forget to make the light the subject, the star of the show. It seems it'd be easier to remember to use it considering that light is the very basis of any photography. Without light, there's nothing to see.

Sounds simple but you have no idea the amount of comments I get where someone says they want to know what caused me to stop and see a certain subject or scene. My answer? It's almost always the light.

"Canopy of Light"

In fact if you review your own images and find yourself consistently thinking something's missing, you may need to pursue better light. More interesting light. Creative light. Pursue the light and you'll find your photography will improve vastly. It's simple but too many try every other solution first. Instead they just need to return to a scene when it's bathed in interesting light.

All this talk of light and photography is making me fidgety. So I must sign off before I run into the street with my camera yelling "I'm free at last!!!"
The sooner I get my work done, the sooner I can get rid of all this irritating duct tape.

Have a groovy day gang, and thanks for the ramble.

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